Friday, September 16, 2005

Ask Arnold to keep his promise to veto AB 849

As you know, AB 849 squeeked by and passed by a few votes, which, if signed by the Governator, would all but legitimize gay marriage in California. Arnold has promised to veto the measure, but the Democratic led legislature is using a rarely used ploy by holding the bill until the last minute while they whip the gay caucus into a frenzy. And as they do, they barrage Arnold with faxes, emails, phone calls and letters hoping to change his mind. The pressure is intense and we can't afford to rest on Arnold's promise to veto the bill once the sneaky Democrats finally submit the bill to him. Anything can happen in politics. Anyway, here is an excellent letter written by SaveCalifornia to the Governator which will give you great talking points as you articulate your views in the public square. Get it and read it here. And contact the Terminator and ask him to stick to his word by vetoing AB 849.