Friday, April 29, 2005

Christian Duty and Political Involvement

Without a doubt, there is a war being waged in America against Christians. We must not settle into our nice, comfortable little Christian bubbles, first we need to actually live how we believe, forsaking all sin, allow God's grace and love to flow through us to touch lives around us, and not be intimidated into sitting on the sidelines while secular humanists drive our culture on a one way trip to hell. Get right, get equipped, go engage. Click link for interesting Op-Ed regarding the religous war we're in.

Man arrested when protesting school teaching his kindergarter about homosexuality

A Boston man gets arrested for just "trying to be a good dad" after protesting the school teaching his kindergartener about homosexuality. Are you starting to feel the importance of standing for rightousness and truth regarding the homosexual agenda? Click the link for the story.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Changing Lives

Many approaches to evangelism and church growth today are impersonal, relying on manipulative formulas and the techniques of mass marketing and consumerism. Many evangelicals think Christianity needs to be dumbed down and made easier to make it attractive to people today. The truth is, Christianity has substance and depth. Christianity is based on truth and sound evidence. This is true for the "down and outer" as well as the "elite and educated." Undiluted, Christianity can change any life. Click the link for a great article on the life of Francis Schaefer. Schaefer specialized in not reaching cultures but individuals. Each individual has his or her own questions, personal struggles, and moral brokenness. Schaefer took them all seriously, addressing people one by one, while giving them-sometimes for the first time- a sense of belonging to a community (brothers and sisters in Christ).

Exam Time

11 days till exams...that means, little sleep, massive amounts of Starbucks and not much posting until the fury is over. Keep checking back, I'm still tweaking my blog here and there. Eventually, I want this blog to be a one stop shop for news/information etc. I hope to write articles on apologetics, theology, Christian involvement in politics, logic/critical thinking/philosophy and of course, the Nebraska Cornhuskers and NASCAR. Thanks for stopping by. Check out some of the links on the left. Wish me well and pray for me on my exams. I need all the help I can get!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

California AB 19

AB 19 would actually delete "a man and a woman" from the definition of marriage in violation of Proposition 22, the people's vote that said "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." What's next? Can I marry my cat? Click the link to download the current Action Flyer containing contact information to voice your disapproval of AB 19. We can't hang our hat on it, but, the Governator has indicated he's not likely to sign such a bill if it gets to his desk. "Not likely" could mean he's willing to sign such a bill if his opponents will compromise on some of his proposed "reform" legislation. Call/write your Assembly person today.

Coming Soon to Your Community: Gay Marriage

The gay marriage train is on track and picking up steam. Yesterday, the California Judiciary Committee approved AB 19 by a 6-3 margin, that would, if enacted, allow gays to legally marry one another in California. Despite the overwhelming support for Prop 22, the radical pro-homosexual agenda legislature is adamant about cramming gay marriage down our throats. For those of you who are Californians and hold to a biblical worldview, it's time to roll up your sleeves and "redeem the time." Check back for articles and resources on this issue. In the mean time, call your state assembly and senate representatives and ask them to arduously oppose AB 19.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Time To Go Nuclear Is Now!

It's time Senator Frist pull the trigger on the Rules change vote and end the minority's radical attempt to fillibuster President Bush's judicial nominees. Be advised, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the filibuster and it's use, mostly coming from the radical left (Byrd, Boxer, Kennedy, et al). Here is some good information, a starting point to learning about this issue and it's importance. Something has to be done to put an end to the judicial tyranny we're under right now, and it's only going to get worse.

Monday, April 25, 2005

What's Law School Like?

I get this question a lot: "What is law school like?" In a nutshell, it's pretty insane. The insane part for me is balancing work, finding time to spend with my wife, spending time with the kids, work, practicing spiritual disciplines and studying. Most of the time, one or more of these things on the preceding list is short changed.

Practically speaking, law school isn't as much about learning a zillion laws as it is about learning how to become a lawyer. For every class I read about 40-90 pages, which entails reading about 5-10 previously decided cases from jurisdictions all over the United States. As I read these cases, I'm supposed to distill from them the salient facts, determine the issue, identify the rule the court used in making its ruling, synthesize the courts analysis and conclusion. Then in class, the professor asks some fool to brief the case for the class and we discuss it. Most often, the Socratic method is used by the Professor to help us "learn" to think like a lawyer. All the Socratic method is is answering a question with a question. I don't recommend doing this with your spouse! I try not to, but in my law school induced diminished capacity, I do it without thinking about it. Ask my bride what she thinks about, on second thought, don't do that, the back of my head hurts enough already.

The practical part is the easy part. The hard part is the balancing act required to pull it off. Oh I've tried to quit dozens of times. Again, I don't know if I'll make it through to the end, but law school is more about character and professional development than anything, which I guess is worth a lot in the end.

Doctrine Endures

Here is a copy of my Op-Ed letter published in the Riverside Press-Enterprise on 4/22/05:

The liberal editorial boards of many of the mainstream media newspapers are way over the top in regard to the selection of the new Pope. Although, not Catholic, I found this selection process interesting to follow. The disturbing thing about it is how editorial pieces in theU.S. newspapers are dripping with postmodern intolerance over the selection. It's almost as if secular commentators envision the Roman Catholic Church as a modern university where the tenured professors can say anything they want without accountability. Do they expect a RomanCatholic to not teach Roman Catholic doctrines? Accepting homosexuality, closing an eye towards abortion and euthanasia, legalizing drug use and the plethora of other radical postmodern ideas does not comport with the never changing, time tested, tried and true biblical worldview of Catholocism or Protestant theology. Not all change is good. Just look around. How is your radical postmodern worldview working for you in your life?

I'm on the Blogosphere!

Howdy! This is all new to me, don't know how often I'll be posting but it should be fun when I figure it all out. What will I post about you ask? Well, mostly religious and political musings, I'm a law student, so probably some silly law school stuff and I'm a rabid Nebraska Cornhusker football freak, so lots more on the Huskers to come in the fall. More later...