Friday, July 21, 2006

What happens when you're alone with God?

This is an awesome article for everyone who calls themselves a Christian. (This is a long post but very much worth it). Check out authors site here.

In The Presence of God

By Mike Genung

“On Monday night, this week, about midnight, I wrote a letter to the Lord. I didn’t know where to mail it so I put it in my Bible. And I asked Him, “Lord, You’ve got to do something about my heart. You know a lot of time’s gone by since I met You. And it’s starting to harden up, you know it’s just kind of natural. I want to have baby skin, Lord. I want to have skin like a baby on my heart. It’s starting to get old, and wrinkled, and calloused. It’s not because of anything I’m doing; it’s cause of a lot of things I’m not doing. And I stayed up ‘til about 2:00 in the morning writing this song…”

Keith Green, from the introduction to his song Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful.

What happens when you’re alone with God?

I often ask this question of men I’m discipling, and the answers are revealing. Some will say “Well, I read my Bible and pray every morning,” which misses the point. Others say “Nothing happens when I’m alone with God; I struggle with wondering if He’s really there or not.” Some claim that their lives are too busy for God; they intentionally keep the pace of their life at a fever–pitch in order to avoid Him.

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