Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How Did Jesus Do Personal Evangelism?

The Gospel of John, chapter 4 gives us great insight into how Jesus conducted personal evangelism. You remember the woman at the well? She was the sort of person many would try to avoid this day and age. This is what is so great about Jesus. The greatest demonstrations of the power of His ministry involved the most unaproachable, vile, dispicable people...not much unlike you or I if you think about it. Here is a simple overview of the "WDJD Principle." Pray that God would give you opportunity to use it. But beware, if you pray for that, He will definitely affirmatively answer your prayer!

There's a Red Storm Coming...run for the hills USC!

Oh this is sweet! Lets start Smackdown '06 right now! Order is being restored in Lincoln. There is disarray at USC, off field problems, lack of depth, lack of experience, great time for the Huskers to come into SC's house and spank the Spoiled Children. Order restored, any questions?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Reason to Get on Your Knees

Human trafficking and the sex slave industry is a growing evil in our world. The leading world governments from all over the globe remain largly silent against such evil. The Salvation Army is leading the fight against the sex slave insustry and you can help. You can pray can't you? Sure you can, we all can. Click here for an update and a call to pray.

I'm still here...

Blogging has not been my highest priority lately. I had a little surgery recently that has kicked my butt and incapacitated me for a spell. I'm up and moving around...I stopped taking the Vicodin and I'm doing well. Thanks for asking. Family is fine. Wife is off track and looking forward to some R & R. The boys...well they are boys...and I love 'em anyways. The mens prison ministry I'm leading is just about to launch! Pray for our team and for the inmates we'll be fellowshipping with soon.

Some changes to the ole blog might be forthcoming. Thanks for stopping by and have a great summer everybody!

Monday, June 12, 2006

New Link

I received an email from the founder and director of Blazing Grace today that reminded me of the importance of his ministry. If you or anyone you know is struggling with a sexual addiction of some sort or an addiction to pornography, send them to this website. Pornography and sexual deviency is one of the most wretched and powerful sins of our culture today. The enemy is using porn to destroy our world one soul at a time. Thank God for His love and grace...it's the only way out!

Check out www.blazinggrace.org

Thursday, June 01, 2006

DaVinci what?

A lot of wrankled feathers on both sides of the DaVinci Code isle. Bottom line, DaVinci theology isn't anything new. Heretical DaVinci theology has been around since the first century. No need for anyone to fly off the handle over it. Bottom, bottom line is, some people will believe anything and do anything to avoid facing the reality and truth about Jesus Christ.

One of the best DaVinci resources is here. Check it out.