Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How Did Jesus Do Personal Evangelism?

The Gospel of John, chapter 4 gives us great insight into how Jesus conducted personal evangelism. You remember the woman at the well? She was the sort of person many would try to avoid this day and age. This is what is so great about Jesus. The greatest demonstrations of the power of His ministry involved the most unaproachable, vile, dispicable people...not much unlike you or I if you think about it. Here is a simple overview of the "WDJD Principle." Pray that God would give you opportunity to use it. But beware, if you pray for that, He will definitely affirmatively answer your prayer!

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karen said...


I love this. Ray Comfort and Living Waters have absolutely changed the way I think about Evangelism. Stop by and visit me on my Blog. wimpywitness.blogspot.com

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