Friday, May 27, 2005

More Depravity

Just when you think you've heard it all, comes this story from the Ukraine. Seems the "beauty" and cosmetic industries are fueling abortion in that area of the world. I guess in their own sick and twisted way, they are saying human life DOES have value.

There is a solution to all the moral depravity in our world. Only the power and love of Jesus Christ can turn our world right-side up. History has repeated itself many times in that wherever there has been revival, wherever people proclaim and extol a true and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, not only are individual lives changed, but collectively the lives of entire cultures have changed for the greater good. Just like the aborted fetus traders in the story above, we're ALL sinners, we've ALL broken God's laws and are without hope. We can't save ourselves. The penalty for our sin is eternal damnation, sorry but that's God's plan, not mine. The Good News is that God wants to pay your sin debt for you. It's just like if you owed the IRS and they came to your door to either collect the debt or haul you off to jail. And just then, your Uncle Harry comes over and offers to pay your debt for you, saving you jail time. In the same way, Christ died on a Roman cross as a way to pay for your sin debt. There is NO possible way we can pay for our sin debt ourselves. Will you let Jesus pay your debt? That means you confess your sins to God, ask Him to forgive you, recieve Christ as your Lord AND Saviour. and live for Him. Your sin debt will be paid in full. The choice is yours. The ball is in your court.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Life Needs Meaning

The greatest of all human needs is the need to believe our existence has meaning. If our lives have no meaning, then what matters? Nothing. My life, your life, is no more significant than a rock on Mars. The foundation of secularists and the irreligious is that life has no meaning. If you are in this catagory, you find your meaning in politics, career, intellectualism, good works, etc. True, you may "feel" your life has meaning, but that feeling denies one HUGE fact: If there is no God who designed the universe and who cares about His creations, life is ultimately purposeless. Your feeling has no bearing on the question of whether life itself is ultimately meaningful.

Now, suppose, for arguments sake, that the Bible is true and accurate (which it is), then we can be fairly certain that there is a God (there is very credible, sound evidence and reasons to believe this, not just "faith"), then we can deduct that our existence has meaning and purpose beyond just "feeling" that our lives matter by what we engage in. You see, if there is no God then what matters? There is no purpose or meaning because life itself is meaningless.

There is a God, your life has meaning and purpose. If your not sure, then you should investigate the matter rather than deny yourself a more meaningful life. If there is no God, then nothing matters. But you better be right!

(HT: Dennis Prager)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

GOP Senate Sellout

As you already know, the US Senate came together to craft a last minute "deal" to avert a showdown of nuclear proportions regarding President Bush's judicial nominees. In thinking about the "deal", it looks more like a sellout by weak kneed Senators than a deal. Republicans always get jello legged when it comes to tough issues like this one. Keep in mind, it's only the Constitution at stake here! We re-elected President Bush and other GOP Senators solely on this issue, we were promised they would address judicial activism and do what they could to stem the tide of rogue judges making new laws antithetical to our Christian worldview. It could still happen, but it's less likely now. The GOP has a majority, it's not rocket science but pretty much everyone knows, the majority rules! We have elections based on the direction we as the body politic want to go. Seven rogue GOP Senators sold out their party, sold out the electorate and cowtowed to the likes of Senator Harry Reid, the most vile and vitriolic Senator in history. As Christians, we need to go back to Plan A, that is fervent prayer for our nation and our leaders. Hope you upgraded your floor padding, our knees are sure to get sore in this endeavor.

RightWing Nuthouse has the best take on this.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Religion of Peace???

With the false Newsweek story about US Military personnel flushing the Koran down the toilet, anti-American sentiments are boiling to a heated frenzy. The religion "of peace" is threatening death to President Bush, more attacks on America and that Islam will rule the world. Hmmmm...sounds peaceful. I can hardly wait. NOT! See story and pictures here.

Did you hear about the CFO of Pepsi Co.'s commencement speech at Columbia University recently? In a calculated analogy, she compared the USA to the "middle finger" of the hand. Her speech was very anti-American. She has issued a couple of surface apologies, but has not retracted anything. PepsiCo is taking huge hits over the flap, but they are not doing anything in hoping the story blows over. Powerline has the story and links here.

The left, you know, the side that most saddles up with gays, abortion rights, government intrusion, moral relativism, high taxes, etc., is vigorously fighting to keep strict constitutional constructionists off the bench. Why is that important to them? Because their ideas are outside the mainstream of America, and the only way gays, abortion rights and other bad ideas gain space in the public square is through judicial activism. has news and info.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ACLU readies assault to legalize gay marriage

(Copy of Memo from Gary Bauer)

From: Gary L. Bauer, Chairman
Campaign for Working Families

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ACLU Assault

Most Americans know that the ACLU is leading the charge of the radical Left to remake America through the power of unelected judges. Generally, its efforts have focused on suppressing religious expression and bullying the Boy Scouts, but it has also played a major role in expanding homosexual rights through judicial fiat. In the past, the ACLU cherry picked its cases carefully, but that is about to change.

Yesterday, the ACLU announced that it was launching a nationwide campaign to impose same-sex “marriage” through the courts. Its efforts will concentrate on normalizing homosexual adoption and fighting state marriage amendments. According to an ACLU press release, it appears as though an accompanying media barrage will aim to pull at people’s heartstrings by showing how “lesbian and gay couples and their children suffer when their families are not recognized by the law.”

This is why getting strict constructionist jurists on the bench is of upmost importance. The ACLU and the militant gay activists know they can't obtain marrital rights outside of the courts as 70% of Americans and a vast majority of States recognize marriage as a union between one man and one woman, thus, they rely on activist judges. CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY AND DEMAND AN UP OR DOWN VOTE ON JUDICIAL NOMINEES.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tell California Legislators To Keep Hands OFF Marriage

AB 19 is sailing through the legislative process with little resistance. If you believe that marriage as it is intended is supposed to be a union between one man and one woman, then check this out, then TAKE ACTION, ASAP!!! Use the BlastMail to send an email to California Legislators and stand up for what is right!

More Proof We Need a Federal Marriage Amendment and an End To Judicial Activism

Nebraska voters passed a state constitutional amendment by a 70-30 margin to keep marriage as it should be, between one man and one woman. Last week, an activist judge deemed the amendment unconstitutional and snubbed his nose at 70% of Nebraskan's. His job is to interpret and apply the law, NOT MAKE IT! The interesting thing is how quiet the main stream media has been on this. As Chuck Colson points out (here), that's because the extreme militant gay activist ilk know that this new ruling proves the point that judges are out of control and they don't want that point brought to light. We need both a Federal Marriage Amendment and for Senator Frist to end the filibuster of judicial appointees thereby getting strict constructionist jurists on the bench. Call your Senator's now and request the same.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Do Christianity and Philosophy Mix?

In some Christian circles, the minute you start talking about or referring to philosophy, you immediately get this quizzical look from the other person which is usually followed by a discussion of Colossians 2:8 wherein Paul says: "Do not be taken captive by vain philosophies, according to the tradition of men instead of according to Christ." Consider this, Christian- Paul is not saying you should not have anything at all to do with philosophy. He's saying you ought to be careful not to become CAPTIVE to vain philosophies. There is a difference between opinions of philosophers on various things, and the tools of philosophy- which are the tools of thought or clear thinking. I submit to you that learning about philosophy helps you think about your faith more clearly. Study church history. Read Irenaeus, Augustine, Anselm, Pascal, Thomas Aquinas. All these people were very rigorous philosphers and made phenomenal contributions to the field of Christian theology and apologetics.

Why do Christians avoid the study of philosophy? Perhaps it's because we're afraid Christianity will not stand up in the marketplace of ideas. If you want to make an impact in the marketplace of ideas with a Christian worldview, you have to understand ideas and the language of ideas. You must learn how to use the tools of philosophy to become clear thinkers. As you do, you'll be more confident sharing your Christian "philosophy" in the marketplace of ideas and you'll potentially point more people to saving faith in Christ. Secondly, learning how to think is hard work and frankly, many of us just don't want to work that hard when it comes to critical thinking about Christianity and competing philosophies. We're happy to know and feel "I've got Jesus, I know I'm saved, end of story." Again, learning philosophy will help you become a more clear thinker, a confident ambassador for Christ and an effective witness in the marketplace of ideas.

Thanks to Greg Koukl for his work at Stand to Reason (link on the left). This post was taken from (this) article written by Greg Koukl. Worth the read, especially if you have kids about to go to college.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Man, the Measure of All Things?

For anyone who knows me, they know that I like politics and that I'm generally active in politics especially when it comes to issues affecting California and broader moral issues affecting society as a whole. Generally, those issues revolve around among other things abortion. I believe, and science has proven, that a human life begins at conception. If this is so, then abortion kills the life of an innocent human being. If this is not so, then the whole debate is useless. If we're not sure, than I think the baby should be given the benefit of the doubt and be allowed to live. I believe that human life- ALL human life, has value. You may disagree. If you do disagree, you are either a secular humanist or a religious humanist (a hedonist that couches their philosophies with religious terms). You value life according to it's contribution to society. For you, the question is not, when is a fetus a viable human being, but rather, when is it a person. For the humanist, the baby in the womb is a person "if you want it to be, or it's not if you don't want it to be". Life has no value to you. It's based on convenience. That is morally wrong. Whether the baby lives or dies depends on the whims of his or her mother. For the Christian, abortion itself would be worth spending much of our lifetimes to fight against, because it is the killing of a human life, but it's only a symtom of the total. What we are facing is Humanism- "Man, the measure of all things".

I'm really interested in Francis Schaeffer right now. This post was inspired by a sermon I read as given by Schaeffer in 1982, two years before his death. The sermon was taken from his book "The Christian Manifesto." The sermon can be found (here). Well worth the read.

Monday, May 09, 2005

"I can breath!"

I spent the better part of eight hours, on Mothers Day no less, solving hypothetical legal problems by writing with much verbosity all the legal rules and theory I spent the last 30 plus weeks arming myself with in great anticipation of such a fun day of exams. Criminal law I did great. Torts, so-so. Contracts, I stunk up the place. What would have made things better? More study/memorization and TONS more practice exams. All in all, the whole process took a lot out of me. I can't imagine spending even MORE time studying! From here I shall reevaluate my "calling" and resolve to continue in such a monumental endeavor. I don't have much time to mull it over though, on June 28th, I have to take the First Year Law Student's Exam or "Baby Bar", unless I decide to pack it in before then. Man, I applaud anyone who has done it, lots have, but being married, with kids, work - law school can suck the life out of you. It's not been in vain though. If nothing else, God opened the doors for me to go to law school to reveal to me who I am and show me my weaknesses and how utterly futile my own efforts are. If I can take those things He has shown me and become a better man for it, that will be worth much more value to me, my wife, my kids, employer, friends than any law degree could be. For what is it if I gain the whole world and lose my life in the process?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

OK, I've had it

Exam day is tomorrow. I'm sick of cramming, I know I'm not ready and more cramming isn't going to get me ready so I'm blogging. After exams, I hope to start posting more "substantial" posts. We've got AB 19 in California, the judicial showdown nationally to contend with and I'm considering several topics to write a series on (ie. discipleship, spiritual disciplines, faith and reason, etc.).

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Mothers Day Mom!!! And to you too my Lobster!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Hitting the brick wall...

I'm going on 15 consecutive hours of studying for finals on three hours of sleep. Did I mention how insane exam time is? I worked 32 hours this week, studied about 48 hours and I still feel like I haven't gotten anywhere close to being ready. My stomach cannot take another industrial size espresso. Lack of sleep doesn't bother me. The problem is I've crammed so much stuff into my head now, it's getting all jumbled up like Matthew's alphabet soup! Check out some of my memonics: I need more soap please cause deodorant is rare; Does Tom share excess donuts?; Does public intercourse cause VD? (I didn't make that one up...someone else did and I can't think of anything better for Third Party Beneficiary law). How bout this one: Crazy silly dirty dealing double dog leave now never return ever. I'm going to need a memonic to remember my memonics soon. The good news is A) it's almost over, B) it's never as bad as it seems and C) better me than you right?!! Back to studying...

Thought For The Day

Who is going to cry at your funeral? Why should you and I give ourselves to people, tasks, endeavors, things, etc. that don't love us at the expense of those who do? Why not prioritize everything we do on the basis of who's going to be crying at our funeral? This simple question cuts out time wasters with the accuracy of a laser beam. Prioritizing this way helps us keep focused on our biblical priorities. Blessings to you as you apply this thought to your life.

What is Law School Like, Part II

In part I, I told you about class preparation and what goes on during class. In part II, I want to describe the exam process. First, let me back track a bit. Law school is 180 degrees different than any other kind of schooling one has subjected themselves to. It's hard to explain, but again, the main part is learning to think like a lawyer, I'm not sitting in a classroom listening to lectures taking notes all night. The classroom experience involves a lot of critical thinking, asking questions, asking questions about your questions, doubting the responses, questioning your doubting of the get the idea. It involves knowing what fact patterns to apply certain rules of law to, figuring out the potential outcomes, creating plan B, plan C....Preparing for exams is a whole other sadistic process. It usually involves dozens of hours of memorizing the blackletter law (rules of law), doing dozens of practice exams (gotta learn how to apply those rules), no sleep (seems traditional that every student at every law school does it this way), gallons of coffee, tons of junk food, a sound proof study chamber and the dim hope that this will soon be over. So then the day comes, you get your exam, at my school it consists of three essay questions, which doesn't sound to bad, but in those three questions you'll have to spew out every cotton pickin rule of law you know and correctly apply it to the facts of the question. So for three questions, I'll write about 30-60 pages in a three hour span. Now you know why lawyers are the way they are...their minds have been imperviously damaged by law school and the sadistic rituals of exams. More on grades later.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Study, study, study...

I'm taking a break right now...I'm at the office studying and the office cleaners are here vaccuming, not the most beneficial study aid. Tonight, I'm cramming my contracts outline into my alleged brain and doing some practice exams. Tomorrow night, Torts (no, that's not a pastry-when someone smashes into your car or beats you with a baseball bat, that is a tort). Maybe I'll go take a peak at what's on TV real really, just a few minutes, I promise! Help, I'm falling and I can't get up...

Barbara Boxer a Hypocrit? Noooooo way...

That was then...

Barbara Boxer (D-CA): "According To The U.S. Constitution, The President Nominates, And The Senate Shall Provide Advice And Consent. It Is Not The Role Of The Senate To Obstruct The Process And Prevent Numbers Of Highly Qualified Nominees From Even Being Given The Opportunity For A Vote On The Senate Floor." (Sen. Barbara Boxer, Congressional Record, 5/14/97, p. S4420)

This is now...

Boxer: "So We're Saying We Think You Ought To Get Nine Votes Over The 51 Required. That Isn't Too Much To Ask For Such A Super Important Position. There Ought To Be A Super Vote. Don't You Think So?" (Sen. Barbara Boxer, Remarks At Rally, Washington, D.C., 3/16/05; Byron York, "Right On, MoveOn!," National Review, 3/17/05)

Call Senator Boxer, remind her of what she said on 5/14/97, ask her to support an up or down vote. Her number is: 559-497-5109 (Fresno office). Remind her that obstructing President Bush's judicial nominations is unconstitutional and you will hold her accountable during the next election if she holds to her obstructionist position. While you're at it, call Senator Feinstien as well, her number: (619) 231-9712 (San Diego office).

8 Hours of "Hell" Looms

Exams are just six days away. At my crazy law school, they make the first years take all of their exams on the same day...this year, it just happens to be on Mothers Day. I can't tell you how much my wife appreciates that! My Starbucks consumption has gone up to the 2-3 gallon per day level. I'm getting tremendous support from folks at church and my wife. Notwithstanding the same, I've tried to quit a dozen times. Work 8 hours a day, study 8 hours a day, 2-3 hours of miscellaneous stuff per day, that leaves about 5-6 hours for sleep (yes, this is a weak attempt to elicit sympathy even though I chose to do this to myself- actually, I thought God wanted me to do this, the jury is still out). Did I mention the kids are in a weird "I can't sleep" mode right now? So, really, that means about 2-3 hours of sleep per day. Who said the Christian life is stale and boring?

Check out for some good posts on the judicial confirmation showdown. Also, some good stuff at Stand To Reason's blog regarding religious pluralism/tolerance/sharing the gospel with other faiths (Mormons). There are links to both on the left. Can somebody tell me how to insert links in the text of your post instead of creating a link at the bottom of the post? Thanks!