Monday, May 09, 2005

"I can breath!"

I spent the better part of eight hours, on Mothers Day no less, solving hypothetical legal problems by writing with much verbosity all the legal rules and theory I spent the last 30 plus weeks arming myself with in great anticipation of such a fun day of exams. Criminal law I did great. Torts, so-so. Contracts, I stunk up the place. What would have made things better? More study/memorization and TONS more practice exams. All in all, the whole process took a lot out of me. I can't imagine spending even MORE time studying! From here I shall reevaluate my "calling" and resolve to continue in such a monumental endeavor. I don't have much time to mull it over though, on June 28th, I have to take the First Year Law Student's Exam or "Baby Bar", unless I decide to pack it in before then. Man, I applaud anyone who has done it, lots have, but being married, with kids, work - law school can suck the life out of you. It's not been in vain though. If nothing else, God opened the doors for me to go to law school to reveal to me who I am and show me my weaknesses and how utterly futile my own efforts are. If I can take those things He has shown me and become a better man for it, that will be worth much more value to me, my wife, my kids, employer, friends than any law degree could be. For what is it if I gain the whole world and lose my life in the process?

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Anonymous said...

I came across your website and realized that you need some sound advice to get through it all. The advice was given to me a few years ago in a song but has become my motto whenever things get tough. It is very simple and can be said in three words-----HOW DO I..... Apply it to everything you do in every way. Sing it to yourself constantly throughout the day.