Thursday, May 26, 2005

Life Needs Meaning

The greatest of all human needs is the need to believe our existence has meaning. If our lives have no meaning, then what matters? Nothing. My life, your life, is no more significant than a rock on Mars. The foundation of secularists and the irreligious is that life has no meaning. If you are in this catagory, you find your meaning in politics, career, intellectualism, good works, etc. True, you may "feel" your life has meaning, but that feeling denies one HUGE fact: If there is no God who designed the universe and who cares about His creations, life is ultimately purposeless. Your feeling has no bearing on the question of whether life itself is ultimately meaningful.

Now, suppose, for arguments sake, that the Bible is true and accurate (which it is), then we can be fairly certain that there is a God (there is very credible, sound evidence and reasons to believe this, not just "faith"), then we can deduct that our existence has meaning and purpose beyond just "feeling" that our lives matter by what we engage in. You see, if there is no God then what matters? There is no purpose or meaning because life itself is meaningless.

There is a God, your life has meaning and purpose. If your not sure, then you should investigate the matter rather than deny yourself a more meaningful life. If there is no God, then nothing matters. But you better be right!

(HT: Dennis Prager)

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