Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More Proof We Need a Federal Marriage Amendment and an End To Judicial Activism

Nebraska voters passed a state constitutional amendment by a 70-30 margin to keep marriage as it should be, between one man and one woman. Last week, an activist judge deemed the amendment unconstitutional and snubbed his nose at 70% of Nebraskan's. His job is to interpret and apply the law, NOT MAKE IT! The interesting thing is how quiet the main stream media has been on this. As Chuck Colson points out (here), that's because the extreme militant gay activist ilk know that this new ruling proves the point that judges are out of control and they don't want that point brought to light. We need both a Federal Marriage Amendment and for Senator Frist to end the filibuster of judicial appointees thereby getting strict constructionist jurists on the bench. Call your Senator's now and request the same.

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