Friday, May 20, 2005

Religion of Peace???

With the false Newsweek story about US Military personnel flushing the Koran down the toilet, anti-American sentiments are boiling to a heated frenzy. The religion "of peace" is threatening death to President Bush, more attacks on America and that Islam will rule the world. Hmmmm...sounds peaceful. I can hardly wait. NOT! See story and pictures here.

Did you hear about the CFO of Pepsi Co.'s commencement speech at Columbia University recently? In a calculated analogy, she compared the USA to the "middle finger" of the hand. Her speech was very anti-American. She has issued a couple of surface apologies, but has not retracted anything. PepsiCo is taking huge hits over the flap, but they are not doing anything in hoping the story blows over. Powerline has the story and links here.

The left, you know, the side that most saddles up with gays, abortion rights, government intrusion, moral relativism, high taxes, etc., is vigorously fighting to keep strict constitutional constructionists off the bench. Why is that important to them? Because their ideas are outside the mainstream of America, and the only way gays, abortion rights and other bad ideas gain space in the public square is through judicial activism. has news and info.

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