Wednesday, May 25, 2005

GOP Senate Sellout

As you already know, the US Senate came together to craft a last minute "deal" to avert a showdown of nuclear proportions regarding President Bush's judicial nominees. In thinking about the "deal", it looks more like a sellout by weak kneed Senators than a deal. Republicans always get jello legged when it comes to tough issues like this one. Keep in mind, it's only the Constitution at stake here! We re-elected President Bush and other GOP Senators solely on this issue, we were promised they would address judicial activism and do what they could to stem the tide of rogue judges making new laws antithetical to our Christian worldview. It could still happen, but it's less likely now. The GOP has a majority, it's not rocket science but pretty much everyone knows, the majority rules! We have elections based on the direction we as the body politic want to go. Seven rogue GOP Senators sold out their party, sold out the electorate and cowtowed to the likes of Senator Harry Reid, the most vile and vitriolic Senator in history. As Christians, we need to go back to Plan A, that is fervent prayer for our nation and our leaders. Hope you upgraded your floor padding, our knees are sure to get sore in this endeavor.

RightWing Nuthouse has the best take on this.

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