Thursday, April 28, 2005

Changing Lives

Many approaches to evangelism and church growth today are impersonal, relying on manipulative formulas and the techniques of mass marketing and consumerism. Many evangelicals think Christianity needs to be dumbed down and made easier to make it attractive to people today. The truth is, Christianity has substance and depth. Christianity is based on truth and sound evidence. This is true for the "down and outer" as well as the "elite and educated." Undiluted, Christianity can change any life. Click the link for a great article on the life of Francis Schaefer. Schaefer specialized in not reaching cultures but individuals. Each individual has his or her own questions, personal struggles, and moral brokenness. Schaefer took them all seriously, addressing people one by one, while giving them-sometimes for the first time- a sense of belonging to a community (brothers and sisters in Christ).

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