Monday, April 25, 2005

Doctrine Endures

Here is a copy of my Op-Ed letter published in the Riverside Press-Enterprise on 4/22/05:

The liberal editorial boards of many of the mainstream media newspapers are way over the top in regard to the selection of the new Pope. Although, not Catholic, I found this selection process interesting to follow. The disturbing thing about it is how editorial pieces in theU.S. newspapers are dripping with postmodern intolerance over the selection. It's almost as if secular commentators envision the Roman Catholic Church as a modern university where the tenured professors can say anything they want without accountability. Do they expect a RomanCatholic to not teach Roman Catholic doctrines? Accepting homosexuality, closing an eye towards abortion and euthanasia, legalizing drug use and the plethora of other radical postmodern ideas does not comport with the never changing, time tested, tried and true biblical worldview of Catholocism or Protestant theology. Not all change is good. Just look around. How is your radical postmodern worldview working for you in your life?

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