Friday, June 03, 2005

No Gay Marriage in California (for now)

After several tries by Assemblyman Mark Leno, he could not muster up enough votes to pass AB 19, the gender nuetral marriage bill which would have allowed gay couples to legally marry in California. For gay activits, the battle will now move to the courts and the ballot box. Be sure they will not go away quietly. They have a long term strategy that involves lots of patience and persistence. Here's the AP story from the San Diego Union.


Here's an article on the health risks of gay sex.

Here's an article on the social goals of gay/transgender advocacy in Corporate America.

Here's a MUST READ article from attorney Scott Lively entitled "Why and How to Defeat the Homosexual Movement". This white paper is a good primer on the background, history, goals, plans and strategies of the militiant gay activists and what their real agenda is and how to defeat it.

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