Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ushering in the Gay Agenda

The gay agenda has little or nothing to do with tolerance and everything to do with forcing acceptance and criminalizing opposing viewpoints. Militant gay activists are successfully transforming the debate about same sex marriage into a "civil rights" issue, which it is not. It's a choice. Being gay is a CHOICE not an inherent characteristic as some would have you to believe. Everyday I wake up I have a choice to do or not do a lot of things. I don't have a choice to wake up black or white or anything else. Science cannot, has not and never will prove that someone is born gay. Good luck trying. You'll have better luck with your current strategy (judicial activism).

More thoughts here by Star Parker.

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Brian said...

hey man, seriously, I used to be wound up like a rubber band ball and I jumped in on every debate and lived such a legalistic life that I was of no use to the kingdom. I'm not saying you are like this, but you seemed to react pretty harshly just with your first post into the conversation.
God showed me, that I was actually driving the people that I wanted to save away by my actions of what I thought was "righteous living". I actually praise God that he didn't just come and smack me. The truth is, that the direct, tough debating is only going to resound with a small percentage of people. If you really want to be a kingdom worker, you go to where people are, befriend them, and show them a Christ that is much better than you or I will ever be. It seems like you are doing this in the prison ministry you are apart of. Los is my best friend, so I felt like I needed to stand up for him, also because the ministry they have at Sandals is second to none. They reach the unreachable more than any other church I've been too.
I chose the gay post because I wondered if you have ever thought about how the Bible teaches us that we are "born into sin". I'm beginning to think that some people are just born with a desire and a tendency to struggle with certain issues. I don't know...I guess I'm still learning.