Saturday, December 02, 2006

Prison Ministry Update

Last Thursday was a huge blessing to our ministry team. Just a few months ago, when we launched this ministry, 15 inmates were showing up at the Bible study we were leading. Two nights ago, 90 men showed up to worship God and study the Bible! I often wonder how much we are helping these guys, I'm not sure if we are. But this I know, they sure bless our socks off each week! I look forward to seeing these guys every week and fellowshipping with them. They are great examples for me in my Christian walk. They are stripped of everything. All they have is Jesus and each other. Their lives are so gloriously simple and dedicated to the Lord...all while being incarcerated in prison.

Please pray for these guys. They will be our neighbors one day. They are scared and want/need mentors and people to disciple them. They want so much to succeed on the outside. I am sure they can if they take their dedication to the Lord with them when they leave. I have a lot to be thankful for...I'm free! Yet I long for the intimacy and complete abandon of self for the Lord that my inmate brothers have. These guys bless me more than I can ever bless them.

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