Friday, January 12, 2007

Prison Ministry Update

Heres the rundown: Six months ago we started this ministry. We started a Bible study on the first and third Thursday nights for the men at CRC Norco. The first meeting there were 15 inmates. Two months later, we were invited to come every week. A few more weeks went by and there are 75 guys showing up. Now, there are consistently 80-100 inmates coming to our weekly Bible study! Right before Christmas, 30 guys accepted Christ as their Saviour! Every week souls are being won for Christ. And every week we see hearts softening and walls coming down as guys humble themselves before God and their brothers, sharing their deepest needs, sins and issues.

I recently told these guys that just prior to this ministry getting off the ground, I was in a desert, more or less backsliding and rebelling against God. Well, He had other plans. I told these guys that I give them a lot of props for getting me back on track and for re-igniting a passion for Christ that has been missing in my life for some time. Although these guys are "inside", their lives are not in vain. The Lord is using them to fuel my desire to grow closer to the Lord. It's a blessing and a privilege to fellowship with these guys each week. I live for Thursday nights.

If you think of it, keep these guys in your prayers. The enemy is a roaring lion and wants to destroy their lives. All of us are redeemable. Most of these guys are some of the most honest, pure, transparent and on fire believers I've ever known. These guys forget more about the Bible than I'll ever know in my life. I love these guys...if you could meet them, you would to.

"Love the Lord and love your neighbor..." in so doing, you glorify God!

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