Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Learn from Samson

Remember Samson? We read about him in the Book of Judges primarily. He had an affinity for women. Or, to put it in spiritual terms, he lusted after the flesh. Samson was a Nazarine. Nazerites took a vow to 1) never touch a dead thing 2) stay away from foriegn vineyards and 3) don't get a haircut. Samson, by the worlds terms had it all. He was handsome, strong and he was charismatic (at least in the sense that he was a chick magnet). Although Samson had it together outwardly, inwardly there was a cancer growing that held him back from living the life God had for him. Samson's lust of the flesh would get the best of him finally. As you read, note that Samson failed to do all three things he took a vow to do as a Nazarite. Sin has a way of getting you "off track."

The Philistine's wanted Samson gone and Delilah was the tool used to take Samson down. As you read in Judges 16, Samson and Delilah go back and forth, she trying to find his one weakness to take him out and he just teasing her and flirting with her. Well, the more Samson flirts with her and entertains the path of the flesh, he gives in to Delilah (and to the lust of the flesh) and the rest is history.

Notice as he tells her the one thing that could take his strength away, the Spirit of the Lord leaves him and he doesn't even know it. That's how it is with you and me. When we entertain the lusts of the flesh or the pride of life, when we give in to our sinful ways, the Lord lets us go and we reap what we've sown.

Know this about sin, and we see this from Samson's life. Sin will FIND you, sin will BIND you, sin will BLIND you, sin will GRIND you and sin will CRUSH you. Samson loved women, Delilah found him. He lost his strength and was bound and enslaved by the Philistines who also gouged out his eyes. And eventually, after toiling away as a grinder, Samson was crushed when the Lord gave him his strength back one last time and he killed the Philistines in an impressive display of strength.

How can we avoid ending up like Samson? Take out those inroads of sin into your life. Is it the TV? The internet? The bar? The donut shop? Bomb and destroy the roads that sin travels down to reach your soul. Smash the TV, disconnect the internet, find new friends, whatever it may be. Then allow God to construct new roads to your heart. Let the freeway of God's love and grace that travel from His Word, from prayer, from fellowship, from serving Him and glorifying Him encourage and equip you to live a life God intends for you to live.

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