Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What's wrong with seeker sensitive churches?

The purpose of the church is to create disciples, not create an atmosphere that feels good to most anyone coming into the place. Sin is a terrible thing and it separates us from God. People need to know they are sinners and are in rebellion against God and that there are consequences to remaining in such a state. Of course, the love of God is manifest in the heart and tone of the preacher, but "feel good" sermons don't prick the heart with the truth. Greg Koukl addresses the issue further here.

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djchuang said...

A different wrinkle on this issue of sin, and being sinners is this: people of this generation know that they're terribly broken, and struggle so much with being sinful, and unable to do the things they ought to do. The question they're asking is along the lines of: Can a church actually be a safe place to offer acceptance and help? Some 'seeker sensitive' churches are doing that.