Friday, November 11, 2005

Good job Riverside County...

I just looked at some election data from last Tuesday, the 8th. Regarding Prop 73, which mandated parental notification if one of their daughters was seeking an abortion, was resoundingly favored among Riverside County residents by a 59% to 41% margin. The results were virually the same for San Bernardino and Orange Counties.

Disappointing though was the turnout in Riverside County. Of 776,962 registered voters, only 287,827 bothered to vote. Thats 37%. 37%!!!! You're kidding me! We've got people in Iraq and all over the world fighting for our right to vote and exercise democracy (and spilling their blood in the process) and we can't bother to go vote?

It's just insane to me to think that for my daughter to get an aspirin at school for a headache, she needs my permission. But if she needs an abortion, a procedure that often goes awry, our daughters get all the help they need to abort the baby and keep everything a secret from their parents. How backward is that?

The debate about abortion can be honed down to one issue: "Is the fetus a human being"? If it is, then abortion is murder. If it's not, than the whole debate is meaningless. But scads of scientific data support that life begins at conception. It is our duty to keep this debate in the forefront in the public square. Progress is being made. More and more people are becoming "pro-life". It's our duty to fight for life and stop this holocaust of human life.

There are voluminous resources regarding abortion at Stand To Reason, and Abiding Truth. Go to the links on the right. And make sure you participate in the democratic process every chance you get.


Hey teachers, guess what, part of your hard earned paycheck that you give every month to your union, guess where some of that money is going? It's going to support and cram gay marriage down the throats of every Californian come hell or high water. And what's nice for the union is, they don't have to ask you or get your permission. Your money just became their money to do whatever they want with it. If that ticks you off, hopefully you voted YES on Prop 75. And you better contact your union and opt out. You still have to pay union dues, but you can have some of that go to a charity. CTA's support of gay marriage is shown here in a letter to Assemblyman Mark Leno.


Well, thanks for naming this blog goes to my beautiful wife Sandi. She commonly refers to my brain as a "peanut" (peanut brain) and I'm constantly "sizzling" on something. I can't sit still, my brain is constantly sizzling. Even if I'm lounging on the couch chilling out, my mind is always somewhere else. Thus, Peanut Sizzler! See, I just stopped typing for a few seconds and my alleged mind thought of three separate and distinct unrelated topics. Is there any help available for me or is it a lost cause?

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