Thursday, November 10, 2005 can look now, remodling is complete

I changed the look of things. Seems a bit more user friendly. I've limited the "Links" to a few in four catagories: Religion, Politics, Culture and Miscellaneous. I intend to write/post about current political events and cultural phenomena, interjecting faith with reason. In other words, I'll be writing about important stuff from a Christian worldview. Take some time to click on the links over to the right. You'll learn what's important to me, like developing a deep relationship with God, letting my life and actions speak in favor of having a relationship with Christ. I'm interested in politics to a degree. I'm about standing up for the truth and for Godly principles regarding abortion, homosexuality and gay marriage. And, I'm a rabid Nebraska Cornhusker fan. A former Cornhusker myself, I keep close tabs on the daily happenings around NU football. I'm still a recovering Starbucks addict. I haven't claimed victory over my addiction yet, nor do I want to! Starbucks coffee rules! I'm also a part-time law student by night. My on again, off again travels through the law school experience will one day come to a conclusion, sooner than later I hope, but one day I'll have a bar card and hope to practice law at my current employer and develop a sports law department there. I also intend to use my vocation as a ministry platform to minister to hurting people who need legal help. God willing, all this will one day be real.

Come by regularly and see what I'm writing about. Tell all your friends about this blog. Use this blog as a resource. And feel free to share your thoughts/comments and suggestions. May God richly bless you!

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