Monday, January 09, 2006

The end of the procrastination trail

Time to pick up the old outlines and study materials so I can finally put that baby bar behind me. As most of you know, due to unforeseen circumstances, I cancelled and then put off the last two baby bar exams (June and October 2005). I'll sign up for and take the June 2006 FYLSX. The results of which won't be known until on or about August 11th. I've taken some of the second year courses already so I'm not that far behind even after my hiatus from school to recollect some sanity. I'm not looking forward to the endless nights and guzzeling Starbucks coffee until a hole has been burned into the lining of my stomach. But this to shall pass. The hard part is the darn general bar exam sometime in or around 2009. Taking the last semester off has refreshed me and helped me to focus on priorities. My new mantra is "Focus and Finish". Focus on the baby bar and what it takes to "finish" the job (passing). Then we'll work on finishing my J.D. and worry about the general bar exam. With God, all things are possible!

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