Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm Back!

All I needed was a mens retreat in the mountains to clear out the cobwebs, get alone with God and address some "issues of the heart." Great food, great fellowship, great Bible teaching. Better yet was the time alone with the Lord asking Him to search my heart and to "clean house." Clean house He did. I didn't like the looks of the stuff He was throwing out the door of my heart. I was starting to regret asking Him to do some house cleaning! Still, I was tempted to pick up some of the "trash" and stow it back away in the hidden chambers of my heart. It was only by His grace I was able to overcome the urge to keep some of that junk. See, I made the decision to be "set free" of my pet sins. He set me free for sure! It's all about your heart folks. Where is your heart? Where your heart is there is your treasure. I had a fools gold of a treasure in my heart. A "treasure" He quickly got rid of. I repented. I now have a treasure stowed away in my heart of heavenly proportions. My first love. It's been a while my Friend. I'm looking forward to walking with You for the unforeseen future! My Your grace is sufficient!


I'll be doing more blogging about theology, apologetics, ministry and the church in general. I'll leave the political stuff to Hugh Hewitt and the like. In the future I would like to do some book reviews and interviews with folks like Chuck Smith, Sr., Jon Courson, Greg Koukl, etc. At some point soon, I'll start sharing what God is showing me in His word. And I'm curious about the "emergent" church fad. I'll do some research and study and report my opinions herein. I won't blog often, maybe twice a week. I'm co-teaching an apologetics class at my church home, so I'll share that stuff here too. And I'm teaching once a month at our Saturday Mens Bible Study, I'll share those messages as well.

Come fall, it's football time! And that means NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS baby! I'll slip some Husker juice up in here too!

Hey, thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll be back. THANKS A-TEAM for the link! I read you guys every day!


Donny Prater said...

Awesome post Mike! There is power in men getting away and being with God. Looks like you had a Wild at Heart Weekend! Best of Luck, Donny

Mike said...

Rock on Donny! God bless you and your family. Jesus rules!