Monday, March 20, 2006

The Secret Sin of Christians Today

What's the number one problem the church faces today (and doesn't even really know it)? Pornography. Recent studies indicate that 1 out of every 2 people sitting in the pews at a Christian church on any given Sunday are involved to some degree with pornography. That percentage stays the same even when we talk about our pastors, elders and leaders of our churches. Imagine, your pastor giving a great sermon on Sunday and 30 minutes later he goes home to surf internet porn. It's happening. To some degree or another, it's happening in your church and it's happening in my church and for the most part, the church isn't doing anything about it. What's the biggest problem facing the existence of the church today? Is it the attacks on our religious freedoms? Is it athiests, cults, militant homosexual activists...who or what is it? Pornography. Porn will bring down the church before any of those other groups or ideologies will. We'll self destruct from within. What a great mission field... our churches!

Read an open letter to the church from Chuck Swindoll here regarding this issue. Then pray and ask God how you might get involved and "fight the good fight."

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