Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Are same sex marriages good for children?

In one word, NO. There is absolutely NO scientific research available indicating that same sex marriages are good for children. Information here.

Does a traditional marriage (one man and one woman) matter for children? Research says it does. Information here.


Law Student said...

Motherless and fatherless, unwanted children wither and waste away for years in the "system", constantly being tossed back and forth from one foster home to another, often being abused and damaged over the many years they are without families. That you would rather they waste away with NO family rather than find a loving home with two of the same good evidence that it's not really the children you might really be fighting for here.

The current divorce rate in the United States is right near 50% and single-parent households are the norm today. It's not the sex of the parent that makes the's the CONSCIENTIOUSNESS of the parents involved.

Make sure it's really the CHILDREN you are advocating here...rather than advocating AGAINST GAYS.

My son is 14-years-old...has been a straight A student his entire school career, is responsible and has never given me a day of real trouble his entire youth. He is far more well-adjusted than I ever was by his age...growing up in a two-parent STRAIGHT household.

Like I said, I sincerely hope it's the children you are really concerned about here. Because when you scratch below the surface of these "family advocate" sites you realize the CHILDREN are the least of their concerns. What they really are FOR is the suppression and closeting of all things GAY.

Mike said...

I'm an advocate for traditional marriage AND children. Gay marriage is intrinsically and MORALLY wrong. It's bad for kids and it's bad for society.

Law Student said...

Let's ignore, for a minute, that your personally chosen beliefs shouldn't be codified into civil law..being so blindly one-sided in your "beliefs" are ignoring that gay families are already raising children. By ignoring this fact, you are happily harming children.

But, to hell with them, right? As long as your PERSONAL FAITH is catered to. Children be damned. Right? Good job.