Thursday, December 22, 2005

Three More Days and other random thoughts...

Got your Christmas shopping done? Me either. I did most of it online this year. Man, that's the way to go let me tell you. Well, three more days till the traditional ripping open of the presents. Paper and bows will fly! I can't wait for my little guys to open a special present I got them (complete Nebraska Cornhusker football uniforms--helmet, shoulder pads and all)! They are going to lose their minds! We'll be missing my girl this year...she's staying with her mom this year and will be seeing other family members she hasn't seen in a long time. It won't be the same without her. But she'll be in our hearts and our thoughts. By the way, if you haven't recieved your Christmas card from us yet, either I don't know you and you're not getting one or it's on the way! Have a great Christmas wherever you are! Miss you all (you know who you are). May the peace of His presence be with you this Christmas and throughout the year!

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