Monday, December 19, 2005

Huskers continue bowl preparation

A big day in the "rebuilding" process of one of colleges most storied and successful football programs looms on the horizon for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. By smashing Colorado the day after Thanksgiving, the Huskers earned a trip to the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. Not quite Husker Nation standards, but it's progress. Much has been said this year, an up and down year at that, about the "State of the Huskers". Can Bill Callahan coach? Will the west coast offense work at NU? What happened against Kansas and Missouri? We all hope that the Colorado game is a peek at what will become the "norm" for Husker performances. And we can only hope that the game against Michigan in 10 days will go down in similar fashion. Check out the scoop on "Nebraska Football" link on the right or see story here. GO BIG RED!!!

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