Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Early Christmas present...

Some folks just think they have everything all figured out. They think they know you when they don't know you at all. They call you names, catagorize you and rip you to shreds with specious ad homenum attacks. The irony is, they have their panties in a wad and are stomping up and down beside themselves when they read or hear something they disagree with. Somewhere in their vitriole they condemn you for "moralizing" or expressing your viewpoint arguing "who are you to shove your beliefs down my throat"? Newsflash...aren't you shoving your belief down my throat that I don't have the right to express my belief/viewpoint? Everybody "moralizes". You don't have to act like a jackass when you express one though.

Learn how to be more consistent in your moral reasoning.

The three elements of tolerance.

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