Friday, December 16, 2005

Nine more days to Christmas Daddy!

With a sparkle in his eye and joy splashed all over his face, those are the first words uttered off the lips of my five year old son today. Tomorrow will be "eight more days daddy!" Christmas is fun for kids and we do our best to make it special for our kids every year. It's a special time of year steeped deep in history and tradition. Of course the central figure of Christmas is Christ himself. No matter how you feel about Christ, Christmas is about Christ first and foremost. In our home, we have family traditions that honor the birth and birthday of Christ that help make Christmas special and meaningful. Do you have some family tradition that you and your family do at Christmas to honor Christ? Feel free to share them here. May the peace of His presence be with you this Christmas and always.

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Law Student said...

Ah, my son just turned the time I'm 41, my son'll be in college. You must have started later. :)

I remember those days when my son was the age of yours...he used to wear me out pretty good and now I miss those day so much. Enjoy them while they are yet here. Your son sounds delightful. :)