Tuesday, December 20, 2005

To friends and family...

Took little guy for his EEG bright and early this morning. Went over the MRI and all the other tests he's undergone over the past two weeks. Good news is everything came back normal, except the EEG. Little Guy has some extra random synapses firing off in his noggin which is causing his seizures. There are remedies for that and he'll be monitored for quite awhile. As for the autism concerns, that won't be determined but by observation and evaluation over time. Overall, pretty good news. Mommy was pretty worried for awhile, but we're happy to report nothing too serious at this time. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Whatever happens we know is in the hands of the Lord and He causes ALL things to work together for good...! We're happy that God saw us fit to be his mom and dad and we're blessed for this opportunity.
Thanks again...see you all soon!


Law Student said...

I wish you and your family well in this trying time. My son went through 5 surgeries by the time he was 5 years old. He went through a rough, rough first five years.

I'm sure your son is in great hands with you two. :)

Mike said...

Thanks. He's my "little guy"- he's awesome!