Thursday, December 15, 2005

Do you have a fabricated opinion about the veracity of Christianity?

In a recent colloquy with another highly esteemed blogger in the hugely opinionated (thank God for that) blogosphere, something came to my mind, mainly, that people can hold whatever belief system they want to cling to, that's their perogative (spelling error I'm sure). However, you better have good reasons for what you believe in. You and I can make whatever claims we want to make, but just making a claim or a belief statement doesn't make it true. Further, basing my life and actions on what other people do just because they claim to hold the same ideological beliefs I do isn't necessarily a highly advisable thing to do. Lots of people say one thing and do another. That's why I say "show me what you believe, then maybe I'll listen to you". Ironic thing for many is, that's exactly what Jesus teaches. "Follow me", not follow that Christian dude over there who's entagled in pornography or any number of other traps and sins.

Therefore, I encourage you to know what you believe, know why you believe it, then actually LIVE your belief system. Don't follow another without knowing them or knowing anything about what they "believe". Neither should you make broad sweeping generalizations about a belief system based on the actions of those obviously not practicing what they allegedly believe. You can't make an intellectually honest assessment of a belief system without reading/studying/investigating that systems truth claims for yourself. And of course, what you believe better be true and worth believing. It would be a damn shame to believe the wrong thing! This "advice" might just serve you well someday.

Nice related article here about "religious pluralism" and truth claims inter alia other things.


Me said...

Merry Christmas !!!

Law Student said...

You said: However, you better have good reasons for what you believe in.

Me: Yes, this is exactly so. I completely 100% agree. Merry Christmas!